How’s that for a mouthful? A mouthful of a delicious afternoon is what it meant. The lovely ladies over at Schoolhouse Booze invited me and some other bloggers for an afternoon of brunching and beer making and it was as delightful as it sounds.



I think these girls had out like 9 spreads for the croissants and bagels… at least… I wish I had counted. So after eating (read: stuff my face) with delicious cheese, spreads and meat – we were actually going to do it. We were going to make beer! I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was glad we had our expert Beth to guide us through the process.


It was not as overwhelming as I thought it would be (probably because Beth is amazing). The awesome guys over at Sawdust City Brewery lent us their recipe! Their actual recipe for their seasonal favourite Princess Wears Girl Pants. It took us about 4 hours to complete most of the process. This photo is from the final stages, when we wrapped in a warming belt (thanks to Noble Hops, for sponsoring the supplies) to ferment for the next few weeks. I really enjoyed being able to taste the beer all along the way from barley to wart. It was neat how over a few hours we made something taste like beer (you know, without the alcohol and carbonation). I think this session was great because it showed us that making beer is not impossible. I would only want to do it with at least one other person because its time-consuming so it’s nice to have a buddy and it’s a lot of heavy lifting of containers of water, also good to have a buddy for that. We’ll get to taste it sometime in the new year, I’m really looking forward to it.

Check out the Tipsy Teachers and their adventures over at SchoolHouse Booze and look for our event coming in January. I don’t want to give too much away but it promises to be awesome and it promises to have beer.

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