Happy Thursday and Happy Thanksgiving to our friends to the South! Today’s drink continues on my adventure at the Queen’s Quay LCBO.

I had never seen anything like Sage Mixology at the LCBO (or anywhere) before. The unique packaging originally caught my eye and then I noticed the flavour. I love pink lemonade and my best friend loves elderflower, so I knew I had to get it. It’s unique packaging comes from the fact that the mix and the vodka are kept separately. When you pour the drink, the two mix together to make your cocktail. It’s a little hard to tell in the picture but the pink in the middle is separate from the clear liquor.



The drink was a mix of sweet and tart, from the pink lemonade. It was quite taste, but the flavour was a little more summery than you might have for the upcoming holiday season. Their website says they have a cranberry blackcurrant flavour as well but it seems to be out of stock at the LCBOs in the city.¬†At $13.50 a bottle, it’s a great addition to a girls night.

Have you tried any of Sage Mixology’s drinks?

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