Happy Thursday everyone. Hope you’re enjoying this sunny day in the city. This past weekend I was at the Queen Quay LCBO, I love going to big and different LCBOs because I always find something new – in fact I’ve got new things I had never heard of for a few weeks of Thirsty Thursday – so lets get started!

I found this cider from the maker of bacardi breezers, I find most of their coolers too sweet but I wanted to try this one out. This was a berry and honey flavoured cider. It wasn’t overly sweet (but you probably couldn’t drink a lot of it at the same time) and you could definitely taste the honey. Although it’s not really the season for cider, I would definitely purchase this drink again. They also had an apple flavoured cider, I’m not a huge fan of just apple but I’ll probably give that a try as well. You can find it at the LCBO for $2.95 a can.

Have you tried the breezer cider yet? What did you think?

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