Month: November 2014

thirsty thursday: rosarda

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you’re all having a fabulous week despite the dip in temperature since yesterday. This week’s thirsty thursday may show you that I truly have a love for fruity beers.

Sorry for the terrible picture, I was trying to get the awesome colour.

Rosarda is a beer I hadn’t heard of before going to bier markt last week. Sometimes I find bier markt a little overwhelming because there’s just so many beers to choose from. They used to have the beers sorted by country, which was good if you wanted something specific and knew the region but the new menu has it listed by beer types. I spotted Rosarda under the fruity beers and under their exclusives and I’m glad I did. This raspberry ale is similar to the ale I tried at beerfest this summer which I haven’t been able to find since. The beer was a little on the sweet side though, so after two, I switched to lugtread. I’d recommend this beer for fruity beer lovers, if you hate fruit in your beer definitely steer clear of this one. It’s also great if you aren’t a fan of heavy beers and this one is light but not as light and juice-like as a radler.

Have you tried any of bier markt’s exclusives? Which has been your favourite?


eat it: desmond & beatrice bakery

Monday night, I was invited along with a guest to preview desmond and beatrice’s holiday treats and what a preview it was. It was hosted at the fun and funky 2nd Floor Events on King St. The space was adorably decorated in the holiday spirit and although it’s usually too early for me to celebrate, the reindeer droppings quickly got me in the mood!

All of the food! #holiday #christmas #treats #omnomnom #foodie #foodporn #dandbholiday #desmondandbeatrice #cupcakes #delicious #fatty

#dandbholiday #delicious #2ndfloorevents #omnomnom #hotchocolate make your own! #love #toronto #lovemycity #foodie #foodporn

They had the cutest hot chocolate set up, with your own fixins! I love fixins! They even had junior mints (genius). I had so many marshmallows, it was barely hot chocolate anymore. I’m barely an adult.

Desmond & Beatrice. Go there now if you have a sweet tooth! #delicious #dandbholiday #2ndfloorevents #holiday #omnomnom #foodie #foodporn

It would be impossible to pick a favourite. The ones at the top of my list would be the reindeer droppings, a simple cookie with red and green sprinkles that actually tasted like Christmas. The cinnamon cupcake was amazing too, I thought it tasted exactly like a snickerdoodle but is often compared to the beavertail, both delicious though. And finally, the gingerbread cookie, it actually melts in your mouth.

Desmond & Beatrice is located in Leslieville but delivier throughout the city. Everything I tried would make great client, teacher or hostess gifts. Basically it’s perfect for anyone you want to give delicious to this Christmas season. They’re also perfect if you want to trick your guests into thinking you slaved away baking all day, I certainly won’t tell.

PS – I’d like to thank my guest (aka partner in crime aka PIC) for being great at instagram and letting me use them for this post.


November 7-9: what do/see/eat/drink this weekend in toronto

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a great week. Here’s some things going on in the city this weekend if you haven’t made plans yet.

Do: Habourfront Centre is presenting a Day of the Dead Festival this weekend. There will be films, artists, dance and workshop throughout the weekend. Check the website for details of all the activities.

See: The 15th Annual Planet in Focus Film Festival is back this weekend at a variety of theatres throughout the city. I attended last year and had an amazing time. Tickets are $15 and discounted for Students/Seniors and you can purchase a festival pass for $100 which gets you into the closing and regular screenings.

Eat/Drink: Gluten Freedom Week is back again with a large selection of restaurants. Gluten Freedom Week features prix fixe gluten-free menus at restaurants throughout the city. The event starts tomorrow and runs until the 15th.


thirsty thursday: cupcake wines

This past Monday, I was invited to iyellow wine club in the back alley of queen street. It’s a fun and funky place trying to make wine more accessible to everyone. This week’s event was centeredaround the launch of Cupcake Wines Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

I had never tried cupcake wines, but I had seen them a few times on Twitter and at the LCBO. Their motto is less wine rules, more wine reasons as they make an great tasting and afforable wines. I’m not usually a Sauvignon Blanc fan, usually opting for a Pinot or Chardonnay when I want a white but this one was great. It’s wasn’t overly sweet but it wasn’t a very dry wine, you could definitely taste the citrus in it. I’d definitely buy it the next time I’m looking for a wine for the evening. And at $17, it’s a nice wine to bring to all those events you’re probably going to be going to in the near future (I didn’t say Christmas but…)

Have you tried Cupcakes Wines? What’s you’re favourite?

crazy read: crazytown

I started reading Crazytown: The Rob Ford Story on my flight to Vegas and finished reading it before I left pool side on Friday. I really enjoyed the book. There isn’t really any spoilers because you’d have to be living under a rock, particularly if you live in Toronto to not know at least the very basics of the Rob Ford story.

I thought Doolittle did a great job however of going one step further than what we saw in the media by writing the story behind the story. She covers how she learned about the video and Rob Ford’s connection. It was interesting to see how the story becomes a piece of journalism, something I’m sure most people never considered. I would never have guessed that those stories were timed specifically, I would think that once the facts are straight (or as straight as possible), the story gets out there. It was also fascinating to see how “Ford Nation” developed. It gave insight into the community and the politics of Etobicoke and Toronto as a whole. I also thought Doolittle did a good job of giving some extra details for non-Toronto readers. Most readers would know the geography of the city and some of the events written about but she covers them in a bit of detail without being too monotonous. I would recommend this book for anyone who is into politics or into the scandals, it was definitely a great read. I read the updated version, that has more details than the original release but is before the most recent election. It was also interesting to read it knowing how some of the stories turned out for each of the politicians.

five tips for ‘surviving vegas’

As many of you may know, I spent Halloween in Vegas. This was my 4th trip to Sin City and it did not disappoint. I feel like my friend and I are becoming experts at Vegas with three trips there together. Here’s some of my tips for ‘surviving vegas’.

1. Water, water, water – Yes, yard sticks of margaritas and jello shots are delicious and you can drink on the strip, but you must stay hydrated or you’ll be in bed before you even get started.

2. Fast flats – Yes, your heels look amazing. They go perfectly with your dress but when you’re dancing up a storm or you’re walking miles along the strip, you’re going to need some fast flats. They will be key to being able to dance all night long.

3. Allergy pills/Eyedrops – This one just might be for me but you can smoke inside casinos in Las Vegas and unless you’re staying at Vdara, you’ll have to walk through a casino to get food, drinks, shopping or just getting to your hotel room. A lot of places also use air freshener to cover it up, but it doesn’t really cover, just adds. If you’re sensitive to smoke or perfume, a claritin is probably the way to go.

4. Awesome snacks – Eating is almost as important as the water and we all know you can get some great and whack snacks in the states (except for all-dressed and ketchup chips). The time difference really messes me with while I’m there, my body is never really sure what time it is and if it’s hungry so snacks in the room is key. This time, I went with a Reese Tart from the new Hersheys store, so deliciously unnecessary.

5. A Best Friend – Finding someone you can travel with is crucial. Travelling can be stressful and exhausting but having the right partner in crime makes it so much better. Once you find a travel buddy, you’re basically guaranteed to be friends to life. Doesn’t hurt if you also have the same shoe size.

Have you been to Vegas? What are some of your travel tips?