I’m always looking to save money, it’s a little bit of an obsession. Here’s a few apps and sites I use to save a few dollars.

Checkout 51: Available on android and iphone, this app gives you cash back for groceries and toiletries. Every week, Checkout 51 updates with available cash back offers. You take a photo of your receipt and within a couple of hours (usually) it updates your cash back, this app allows you to cash out every $20. I’ve only been using it a week or so but I’m already at a couple of dollars. This app does not give you a bonus for referrals.

Snap by Groupon: This app used to be SnapSaves until Groupon took it over, I had tried using it in the past but never got into the habit of it. It is almost identical to Checkout 51. You take the photo, choose the offers and the cash back is added to your account. The only different I’ve spotted in the past couple uses it that is offers you a referral bonus.


Swagbucks: I’ve been using Swagbucks for a couple of months now and have had pretty good success with it. You can earn points by doing activities on the site like surveys, games, search and videos. They also occasionally send out bonus codes through different social media. You can also earn points for shopping at stores like Buytopia and Walmart. If you use the toolbar, you can activate the points and use the next site to get cash back, it’s like double bonuses. I will say that I did not have luck with the app, I found it slowed down my phone, the mobile site is good as is the desktop version. Swagbucks offers you referral bonus based on the points the people you refer collect.

Ebates: I mentioned ebates in the past, but I think it’s such a great site that it bears repeating. I know for sure a lot of my Christmas shopping will be done through ebates partners, I mean – Chapters/Indigo is a partner so that basically covers about half of my list! Ebates is simple, you start at that site to go to sites you shop with normally including the above mentioned Chapters/Indigo, Walmart and travel sites like Expedia and you get cash back on the purchases. They simply mail you a cheque once a quarter for any balance over $5, anything under that gets rolled over to the next month. Ebates offers you a referral bonus for everyone that signs up using your link. This site is the easiest to use out of all of them on the list by far, I would highly recommend it.

Are you using any sites? I’m always looking for different apps to help me save money – what are some of your favourites?

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