I realize I don’t write too many personal details about myself on the blog that often, so this post may seem a little off-topic, but perhaps other twenty-somethings will relate or you’ll at least get a good laugh at the things I love in an irrational way.

Campbells Hearty Noodles: What are these? Sodium-filled, dried vegetables and usually over $1.49 a cup but I love them. I love them so much. They were on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart this week and I bought every single one of the chicken ones they had in stock. I could eat these almost every day, thank goodness I find them expensive!


let's just say this was all of them... let's just go with that.
let’s just say this was all of them… let’s just go with that.

Graphics with Words: Everyone loves an insipirational or funny quote but I love them. All of my device have sayings for their background, the only art work in my home are words and I recently bought a cluster frame and I’m trying to decide what saying to put in it. There’s 7 other slots for photos, surely putting one saying wouldn’t be that bad.

Blistex Berry Flavour: I love these lip glosses, they’re so cheap, last forever and come in packs of two, perfect for when I lose one about half way through. They aren’t the flashiest of the chap sticks but they’re so great. $2.49 on sale at Shoppers? I’ll take two packs.


Netflix Documentaries:¬†Of course, you’d be hard pressed to find someone that hates Netflix but I may be single-handedly keeping the documentary section a section on Netflix. The odder the documentary the better. Ya, I’ve never seen Forrest Gump or The Godfather, but I can tell you about the palliative care system run by prisoners in an American prison or the race to build the 3D printer, or how hard the sommelier test is. I’m sure these things will come in handy one day, and surely I can’t be alone.

Yes... I want to watch ALL THE DOCUMENTARIES!
Yes… I want to watch ALL THE DOCUMENTARIES!

Hopefully someone can relate to me on one of these odd loves… no, just me? That’s cool too. Is there anything you love that no one else understands? I’d love to hear it!

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