Earlier this week, before going to The Mountaintop, my friend and I got dinner at The Paintbox, attached to Daniels Spectrum in Regent Park.


My friend and I were intrigued by a lot on the menu so we decided to get a bunch of appetizers and split them. We got shrimp tacos, empanadas, sweet potato fries, crab cakes and arincini. My favourites were definitely the arincini and empanadas (which had a bit of a kick to it). It was a lot of food. The food was all really good, it took a bit longer than I would have expected to get our meals but it was definitely made then, and not sitting under heat lamps for a long time. Most of the crowd looked like they were heading to the show (there was a coupon on the back of the ticket). The only thing that was a little frustrating is you’ll see the empanadas (as well as few other menu items) were listed with the price of $3 each, so my friend and I assumed they were priced and served individually. That wasn’t the case, some of them were served with two and some were individual. We ended up with way too much food (it probably would have been to much already). If you’re looking for good food in Regent Park, I would recommend this place, despite all the confusion, our bill was around $55 for the two of us which as I said, was way too much food and we could have probably done with about half of it. The restaurant is cute and casual and a nice place to grab something before a show in the area. They also have a coffee and pastry bar if you’re looking for something sweet.

Have you been to The Paintbox? What did you think?


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