A couple of weeks ago, Aroma introduced “Spiked Signatures”, a line of drinks of their drinks spiked often with your choice of liquor. It was a warm day while at the Shops of Don Mills so I decided to get the Iced Tea Lemonade.

spiked signatures

And it was as delicious as it looked. I got mine with vodka, you had the option of rum as well. I love the way they layer it and once I mixed it up, it tasted like a lemonade with a hint of tea, definitely couldn’t taste the vodka in it. There’s about 6 drinks to choose from on the Spiked Signatures menu and are available at most stand-alone Aromas (I had to ask for the menu when I went in). It’s a fun way to mix up your cafe experience.

Have you tried any of the “Spiked Signatures”?

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