This past weekend I went to Wvrst for a friend’s birthday. It was my second time at the restaurant but I hadn’t been for a few months. When I try to describe Wvrst to other people, I describe it as a beer hall/sausage restaurant where you can basically pick your animal. While that is an over simplification (particularly since you can get vegetarian and even vegan sausages), I think it’s the best way to describe it. I think it’s also worth noting that the vegetarian at the table really enjoyed his sausage.

My friend and I each got a sausage and we shared a large duck fat fries. That came with two dipping sauces, I got the garlic and chive and she got a spicier one. I had the Berkshire (on the right) which is a honey/garlic sausage. You can get your choice of toppings but since I don’t like to ruin a good thing with vegetables, I opted for just yellow mustard. The sausage was really good and you could tell the buns were fresh. The fries were absolutely delicious, we may have ordered seconds.

The food seen here plus two beers came to just under $40. Wvrst has a great selection of beers and ciders including rotating casks and seasonal specials. The only thing I can note is that this place gets really busy. We had a reservation but because they were over-capacity, many in our group had to wait in line outside the restaurant, before waiting in a pretty slow line to order food. As the evening went on, the line up inside seemed to die down, but as I left at 10pm, there was still people trying to get in. The restaurant is set up with communal bench seating so get ready to know your neighbours. My suggestion is go early and with your patience but I think the food is worth it.

Have you been to Wvrst? Which did you try?

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