Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve really been trying to make food at home, it’s not always perfect but I’m really trying. However, I’ve decided that sushi is probably just one of those things I will always eat in a restaurant, despite the lovely Girls on Bloor tutorial, I just love the variety of all-you-can-eat-sushi.

My friend and I wanted to try a new place, so after a bit of yelping and urbanspooning, we found Itamae Sushi on Don Mills, just south of Eglinton. Only issue is, they don’t have a website so we couldn’t really figure out the price or what their menu was like but we decided to be adventurous and head down to check it out. We went on a Sunday evening and the price was $20.99 for dinner, which is pretty reasonable. I actually like Sunday evening dinner out because otherwise it can feel like your weekend ends at 3pm if you’re home all evening.


This location, like Sushi Kiku in Markham had the ipads, which I like to keep track of what you’ve ordered and what you’ve received, particularly helpful in larger groups. They had a decent selection and had a few rolls I haven’t seen anywhere else. I always want the rolls with the crispy tempura in them but don’t like the spicy mayo and this place had options. They were also pretty accommodating when we asked for something left out of one of the rolls.

crunchy, not spicy!
crunchy, not spicy!

The place was nice, and fairly big. It was pretty busy for a Sunday night but we didn’t wait long for a table. I will definitely be going back to Itamae the next time I’m craving all-you-can-eat sushi (so really that could be anytime). I know that they don’t always have the same selection as a regular all-you-can-eat place but I usually end up spending more than the cost of all-you-can-eat so that’s usually my preferred way of eating sushi.

Have you been to Itamae? What’s your go-to AYCE sushi place?



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  1. Ive been to a place called Suhsi Island and thats often my go-to for all you can eat! They have quite a good selection with a mix of non-maki and sushi stuff too. I usually go for lunch time since it is cheaper and then I just skip dinner because I am SO FULL.

    Thankfully a new sushi place finally opened by my condo so I think sushi will be entering my belly more often

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