I have a stationary problem, I’m the first to admit it. No one needs the amount of paper and pens I have, no one. The back to school commercials remind me constantly how much I wish I was picking out my new stationary for a new school year, so I decided, why not blog about it? It is my outlet :)

This is what I’d be buying (or buying more of) if I was going back to school.

2014-2015 Kate Spade Large Planner Gold Dots

1. Kate Spade Agenda – I’ve mentioned before in the past my love of agendas, I love getting a new agenda and planning out how it’s going to work for me over the next year. People will mock me about having a paper agenda because technology exists and it’s not 1994 but I don’t care, I’ve even converted some electronic people back to paper. Chapters has this beautiful Kate Spade agenda for sale now, which I’m seriously considering buying even though I have a perfectly good agenda. It goes from August until December 2015 – I may still buy it to start using in December.

Jumbo Journal Fly Me To The Moon

2. Ecojot Notebook – I may have multiple Ecojot notebooks, I love their covers and their construction. I also love that they’ve started to introduce an app, similar to evernote that allows you to convert your writing into the app. They have so many fun sayings and colours, I had to buy two – I justified that one is business and one is pleasure but I would definitely be buying a 3rd for school.

3. InkJoy Pens – I’m very particular about my pens. I don’t like ones that are ‘inky’, I like a nice ballpoint. I love these coloured pens for organizing things in my agenda. I used the different colours so I can easily see what I have coming up this week and what ‘category’ it falls into. These pens write nicely and don’t smudge.

4. Post-Its – My desk is constantly covered in post-its, It’s a great way to keep track of the millions of tasks I’m trying to keep track of. I’m particular and like the 3x3s in bright colours, I find the yellow so boring. I always think I want little flags or something different but I always regret it. You’ve got to know yourself. If you’re not like me and can venture into crazy sticky notes, Chapters has some great Kate Spade ones.

Sml Pencil Case Wild Thing

5. Pencil Case – I love these little pencil cases from Chapters. I love things with cute or ‘inspirational’ sayings on them. This would be perfect for holding my obscene amount of pens. They have small and larger ones, all with fun sayings you could even get one to match your notebook, that would be amazing.

Bonus: This one doesn’t cost a dime, I just absolutely love them. Melissa over at The Sweet Escape has the greatest desktop, smartphone and tablet backgrounds. As I mentioned, I love words and all of them are so fun and cute. I’ve got a different one on each of my devices. You can also get them in iphone and ipad skins and cases.

So, it’s not just me right? What is my list missing? What would you buy for September?


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