Month: August 2014

August 29-September 1: what to do/see/eat/drink this weekend in toronto

It’s the weekend! And it’s a long one. And we’re not talking about how it’s already labour day weekend around here because it just upsets me. I can’t seem to figure out what the weather will be like this weekend but hopefully the rain stays away for the next few days!

Do: This Sunday is Open Streets TO which closes down Bloor between Spadina and Parliament and Yonge St from Queen to Bloor. It’s for those who like to get up early on their Sunday morning (the event runs 8am to noon). The event will close off the streets to pedestrian traffic only, and there’s activities along the route ranging from fitness classes, mural painting and brazilian drumming. Get up and enjoy this unique event.

See: It is the last weekend of the Ex, which means the Air Show will be flying tomorrow, Sunday and Monday. This year’s presentation will commemorate the 100th anniversary of World War One as well as the 65th anniversary of the Air Show.

Eat: Today is the last Deep Fried DJs at Harbourfront Centre for the summer. On the Redpath Stage, Toronto’s hottest DJs are paired with deep fried deliciousness – probably a great alternative to the Ex if you just want to get your deep fried on!

Drink: It is the last Friday of the month which means it is time once again for The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies’ bevvy, this being the 8th of the year. Location is still hush hush and should be released by this afternoon and non-ticket holders are welcome after midnight (tickets for this event are already sold out).

I hope whatever you do, you have a great weekend!

thirsty thursday: joey’s drink special

Happy Thursday everyone, it’s almost the weekend, a long one at that – can you taste it? We won’t talk about how’s it’s the “last weekend of the summer”, we just won’t!

I thought for this week’s thirsty thursday, I’d share with you a drink special for one of my favourite drinks to enjoy out in a restaurant. Joey’s restaurants throuought the city have a daily drink special, I love places like that – there’s no need to keep specials to only certain days of the week. Their Thursday special consists of a cocktail and beer.

On Thursdays, you can pick between Rolling Rock or Muskoka Detour for $5.75 or my favourite drink, the Super Nova Vodka Soda. This 2oz drink, is $8 on Thursdays. The drink is a vodka soda with slush in it, add slush to a drink and I immediately love it even more! I also like that you can pick which vodka flavour you want and usually Joeys has a huge selection (including my love, blueberry vodka).

The drink specials are valid at all locations, Yorkdale, Shops at Don Mills, Markville and the Eaton Centre. I hope you enjoy your Friday JR.

dining out: home of the brave

Last night, I finally got to cross off another restaurant on my ever growing list, I went to Home of the Brave. I knew I would be eating on King West last night and everything about this menu made me pretty excited. I usually know what I’m going to eat when I go to a restaurant, I hate when the menu isn’t posted online but I had a hard time deciding at this place.

We started with the crab cakes. They were pretty good, the sauce was really light (I prefer a heavy sauce with my crab cakes). They were quite “meaty” and had a nice flavour.

crab cakes home of the brave
crab cakes

Next, we got the corn bread. I love corn bread, particularly when bacon is in the same sentence. This bread came sitting in a sauce covered in garlic and bacon. The only thing was, it was really spicy, which I wasn’t expecting because nothing on the menu indicated that it would be spicy. I wasn’t able to tell if it was the sauce or the bread that was actually spicy but take note, this had a kick.

corn bread home of the brave
the spicy corn bread

And finally for my main, I had the chicken and waffles. The waffles were delicious, I love fluffy, carby things and these sourdough waffles were definitely that. The fried chicken was fried chicken and the maple glaze all over it was quite sweet. Not necessarily a bad thing, but something to keep in mind if you don’t have a sweet tooth.

chicken and waffles home of the brave
chicken and waffles

I’d give home of the brave 3.5/5, I do see myself going back in the future, they have some good looking specials (I really want to the deep dish pizza) and like a fool, I didn’t save room for ice cream sandwiches, something I would definitely want to try next time. The atmosphere was very casual, and for a Tuesday night, it got pretty busy around 7pm. The meal for two people including a few beers came to around $95 before tip.

Have you been to home of the brave? What did you think?


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August 22-24: what to do/see/eat/drink this weekend in Toronto

I know it’s been a few weeks since I did one of my Friday posts, the summer is just insane (and almost done and I’m freaking out) but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still lots to do on what should be a nice weekend!

Do: The Taiwanfest is happening all weekend at the Habourfront Centre. There will be performances, cooking demos, art and delicious food. Best of all, the festival is free!

See: This weekend is Buskerfest in the Yonge/Dundas area. I went out last year and was amazed by the interesting and crazy acts happening. It’s also for a great cause, Epilepsy Toronto. Their site has all the information you need to plan your trip down to YDS and with so many different acts, there’s definitely something for everyone.

Eat: The CNE continues this weekend and as if there wasn’t already enough to eat there, the Food Truck Frenzy will be back this weekend. With almost 20 of the city’s delicious food trucks, you can definitely overindulge at the ex this weekend.

Drink: The Beer Hall at Mill Street Brew Pub in the Distillery District will be hosting their Sunday Jazz Brunch again this Sunday from 1-4pm. This Sunday, you can enjoy the Tyler Yamera Trio with a Mill Street and eggs benny, great way to round out the weekend.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

thirsty thursday: shock top

So… I was trying to pick the drink for this week, very difficult decision and I had some shock top in my fridge and I thought, I must have done it before but apparently not! I’ve done their raspberry wheat and their shandy but never their actually beer (which is even funnier because I’ve heard rumours they’re discontinuing the other two.

So… of course, this week’s beer is the shock top. This belgian white style beer is excellent for the patio, I know we’re running out of those days but there’s still (hopefully) a few good ones left. The beer is a light wheat beer with a hint of citrus. I usually like to enjoy mine with an orange but I didn’t have any so I just had to enjoy the beer this evening!

beer shock top

Have you tried the shock top? Are you a fan of ‘white’ beers?

stationary junkie

I have a stationary problem, I’m the first to admit it. No one needs the amount of paper and pens I have, no one. The back to school commercials remind me constantly how much I wish I was picking out my new stationary for a new school year, so I decided, why not blog about it? It is my outlet :)

This is what I’d be buying (or buying more of) if I was going back to school.

2014-2015 Kate Spade Large Planner Gold Dots

1. Kate Spade Agenda – I’ve mentioned before in the past my love of agendas, I love getting a new agenda and planning out how it’s going to work for me over the next year. People will mock me about having a paper agenda because technology exists and it’s not 1994 but I don’t care, I’ve even converted some electronic people back to paper. Chapters has this beautiful Kate Spade agenda for sale now, which I’m seriously considering buying even though I have a perfectly good agenda. It goes from August until December 2015 – I may still buy it to start using in December.

Jumbo Journal Fly Me To The Moon

2. Ecojot Notebook – I may have multiple Ecojot notebooks, I love their covers and their construction. I also love that they’ve started to introduce an app, similar to evernote that allows you to convert your writing into the app. They have so many fun sayings and colours, I had to buy two – I justified that one is business and one is pleasure but I would definitely be buying a 3rd for school.

3. InkJoy Pens – I’m very particular about my pens. I don’t like ones that are ‘inky’, I like a nice ballpoint. I love these coloured pens for organizing things in my agenda. I used the different colours so I can easily see what I have coming up this week and what ‘category’ it falls into. These pens write nicely and don’t smudge.

4. Post-Its – My desk is constantly covered in post-its, It’s a great way to keep track of the millions of tasks I’m trying to keep track of. I’m particular and like the 3x3s in bright colours, I find the yellow so boring. I always think I want little flags or something different but I always regret it. You’ve got to know yourself. If you’re not like me and can venture into crazy sticky notes, Chapters has some great Kate Spade ones.

Sml Pencil Case Wild Thing

5. Pencil Case – I love these little pencil cases from Chapters. I love things with cute or ‘inspirational’ sayings on them. This would be perfect for holding my obscene amount of pens. They have small and larger ones, all with fun sayings you could even get one to match your notebook, that would be amazing.

Bonus: This one doesn’t cost a dime, I just absolutely love them. Melissa over at The Sweet Escape has the greatest desktop, smartphone and tablet backgrounds. As I mentioned, I love words and all of them are so fun and cute. I’ve got a different one on each of my devices. You can also get them in iphone and ipad skins and cases.

So, it’s not just me right? What is my list missing? What would you buy for September?


thirsty thursday: luksusowa & blood orange soda




It’s Thursday of a short week… so, it’s like… Thursday? :) I hope you all had a great week.

This week’s thirsty thursday features a polish vodka, luksusowa. I’ve also been on a blood orange/italian soda kick lately and thought they would pair nicely together. The luksusowa has a very clean taste, I don’t like vodkas that take over the drink (unless of course it’s blueberry) but I want it to pair nicely and that’s exactly what this did. I mixed 1oz of luksusowa with about 3.5 oz of president’s choice blood orange italian soda and added an extremely large orange wheel (seriously, who knew that orange was SO big). It was sweet and refreshing, perfect for my thursday evening on the patio.



The luksusowa vodka is available at the LCBO for the affordable price of $25.95 for 750ml.

Have you tried this Polish vodka? What did you think?

road trippin’ – part two

I think this one will be even hard to settle on because there’s just so many old skool jams that I love and want to listen to in the car – but I’ll try.

Put It On Me – Ja Rule (and Ashanti) – I didn’t even know there was a version of this song that isn’t Ashanti but apparently there is. This is a great singalong song, particularly if you’re like us and know all the Ashanti parts without them being there.

Ignition (Remix) – R. Kelly – Does this song have an original version? A non-remix version? I don’t think so, but most people in your car will probably know all the words to this one too, great for some shoulder dancing.

Paradise by the Dashboard Light – Meatloaf – This is a good one if you if you know most of the words (like me). It’s also good because it’s a really long song, perfect for a long road trip.

Just a Dream – Nelly – You could replace this with basically any other Nelly song and I would agree, I love Nelly though so I need to hear at least one of his songs on a road trip – even it is hot in herre.

Summer Love – Justin Timberlake – The entire FutureSex/LoveSounds is a great road trip album, again because the songs are long which are great for the long drives. The song summer love is just so much fun (although, I was very torn between older stuff, including N’SYNC days then I thought of BSB and the Spice Girls, this list could get out of control. This is a great one to sing to your friends while you pop your shoulders.

Those are (some of) my favourite road trippin’ songs, although the list is endless – what did I miss?


road trippin’

I hope you all had a fabulous (long) weekend. My friend and I drove up to the Ottawa Valley this weekend to Deep River (a place I’d be shocked if you’ve heard of) to check out a music festival, visit friends and spend a lot of time doing nothing. It was amazing. It was a pretty long drive, so music was key (and gummy bears, had to have gummy bears). I thought I’d share with you my favourite road trippin’ songs that kept us entertained on the 5+ hours drive. I’m going to break this into two – my favourite new ones and tomorrow, look for my favourite old school jams for the car ride.

1. Tove Lo – Stay High – This song is just so catchy, it’s also a pretty easy song to learn the lyrics, which is key for singing loudly in the car.

2. Rather Be – Clean Bandit – Another great song that creates some great shoulder dancing opportunities in the car.

3. Disclosure – Latch featuring Sam Smith – I absolutely love Sam Smith’s first single but it’s a little too sad for driving. This has a great beat and is a lot of fun.

4. Call Your Girlfriend – Robyn – So this song is bordering on old skool jams but I decided to keep it with this group because I really fell in love with it more recently (as well as dancing on my own). I didn’t include the official video for this one because this SNL comparison is hilarious. We may have listened to this way more than 5 times – with some dancing…

5. Fancy – Iggy Azalea – I’m growing a little tired of this song because it’s been on soooooo much but my friend absolutely loves it so I’ll include it for her. Plus, if it wasn’t played 100 times a day, it would be a great road trip song.

What songs do you love to hear when you’re on a road trip?