Happy Thursday everyone, I usually say the week is flying by, but I didn’t really find any flying this week. But that’s ok, because it’s almost Friday of what should be a beautiful weekend!

Although it’s been cooler this week, this past weekend the weather was absolutely delightful, the perfect patio-wine weather. I had the chance to try the Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc and really enjoyed it. It was a great way to finish a very long week and unwind on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The wine was really good, it wasn’t overly sweet but also didn’t have that really dry (sometimes vingary) taste that some whites can have. You can definitely taste some citrus in this wine, that’s what I think it’s perfect for a sunny day.

Sauvignon Blanc new 750ml pack shot

Two Oceans have recently updated their packaging, so be sure to check out their new look at the LCBO. For under $11, this is a great wine to share with friends, they also have a moscato that I’ll need to try before the end of the summer!

Have you tried Two Oceans? What did you think of this South African wine?

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