Happy Thursday people! Hope you’re all having a fantastic week. Those who know me, know I enjoy vodka over most spirits but usually prefer the cheaper brand – I think smirnoff tastes better than grey goose, so it’s a little surprising that I really like ciroc. I’ve only had the flavoured ones but I really love their peach one.

So, this week’s drink (although I’ve mostly given it away already), is peach ciroc and soda. I can’t drink soda on it’s own or with a plain vodka but with a flavoured vodka, it cuts that bitterness. Although, it doesn’t hurt that it’s a calorie-free mix. This drink is good anytime of year and good in a busy club where you might be afraid of someone bumping into you (no one wants to wear their vodka cran).

thirsty thursday vodka ciroc soda


I hope you all have a great Thursday!

3 Comments on thirsty thursday: ciroc and soda

  1. Hahaha no one wants to wear their vodka cran, only too true! The regular Ciroc is really great as well in a flavoured sparkling water and a tiny bit of juice, that’s usually my go-to

  2. I’ve been trying to switch from vodka tonic to soda for a while now and just can’t get into it. Great idea pairing it with flavored vodka. Brilliant!

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