25th anniversary of Seinfeld was this past week. I’m a huge Seinfeld fan, I may own a trivia game and attend trivia in the city occasionally. I think the show is just so clever and so different. Even though I was a kid when it came out, and probably didn’t understand most of the jokes at the time, I have fond memories of watching at 10pm on Fox. It may have really upset me when they switched it to the news.

There have been a ton of Seinfeld articles floating around this week in honour of the anniversary, I thought these were the most fun:

25 “Seinfeld” GIFs That Speak To You On A Spiritual Level

18 Reasons Why Elaine From “Seinfeld” Is The Misandrist We All Aspire To Be

Can You Guess the Famous Seinfeld Quote?

Enjoy all you Seinfeld aficionados!

Tell me, who’s your favourite Seinfeld character? I’d have to say Elaine, I just love her non-sense comebacks.

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