Month: July 2014

thirsty thursday: fleur du cap

What a wacky week, the holiday midweek keeps throwing me off. In some ways it feels like Tuesday but then it feels like this week is dragging – but according to the calendar, it is actually Thursday! :)

This week’s Thirsty Thursday is Fleur du Cap, a chardonnay from South Africa. This chardonnay is on the drier side, perfect for those who don’t like overly sweet wines. It’s also a fuller wine, and leaves a nice after-taste. Some dry wines can start to taste a little on the vinegar/bitter side but that’s not the case with this chardonnay, this one is a little fruity.

a south african chardonnay

This wine is available at the LCBO at a nice price point, at only $12.80. It’s a great bottle to bring to a dinner party with seafood or pasta on the menu. Happy Thursday Everyone!

Tell me: Have you tried Fleur du Cap?

super amazing gifts!

My birthday was a couple of weeks¬†ago and it was fabulous, as usual. I get really excited about birthdays, maybe it’s because I usually remember other people’s so I’m constantly thinking about them but I think it’s nice to have a day that’s really all about you. I threw a party at my tiny little place and got some amazing gifts, which I’m going to share, basically to show how amazing people can be!

This post is coming so long after my birthday because one of my gifts was in conjunction with another person’s gift… you’ll see.

My New Mug: Currently on my desk at work. If you’re an OITNB fan, then you know about this mug is amazing! And if you don’t watch the show, I’m sure you can still understand that throwing pie for someone is a big deal – I would not give up pie lightly.


Beer: Apparently the secret is out and people know I like beer – I thought it was pretty funny that two people bought me Mill Street Sampler Packs. I’m very excited to drink these over the next couple of weeks and share them on Thursdays with you.

A Funky Beer Glass: I love beer glasses and my best friend got me this fun one made from a local beer bottle. What’s even more exciting is that I have other steam whistle glasses so they make an awesome little collection.

A Beer Cookbook: I think this one is part intervention, part knowing me really well. I don’t really cook, living alone makes it hard to cook for one so frequently, because it’s just a lot of effort. So I think my friends were trying to tell me that I need to start cooking and they’re tricking me into doing it with beer – good call.

A Cooler: Maybe this doesn’t seem like the coolest gift (yes, I had to pun it) but I’ve never had one and this one is collapsable. It will be great to use when I’m on the balcony, at a friend’s or the cottage.

Simpsons Trivia: Another secret that seems to be out is my love of the Simpsons – I’m very excited to challenge all my simpsons-fan-friends to an evening of trivia and shenanigans!


Book of Mormon: I got a ticket to see the musical when it comes back this Fall, and I can’t wait! My brother also got one for his birthday which just passed so that’s why I held off on this post, not that he reads the blog really but just, you never know.

Glo2Go: One of my friend’s in treating me to a spray tan. I’ve had them done in the past but she comes to you, which is awesome. I’m going to save it for a special occasion, but I’m sure it will look great. If you need to be put in contact with her (because you want to get your spray tan on but have no time) let me know and I’ll for sure put you in touch!

In addition, I also got a bunch of really useful gift cards (Blue Jays, LCBO, movies) and hopefully I didn’t leave anything out! I had a really amazing birthday thanks to my really amazing friends and family.

How do you celebrate birthdays?

happy canada day!

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy canada day, and to my brother – a very happy birthday.There are so many things I love about this country, the easy things of course like our universal health care and poutine. I thought I’d pulled together a few of my favourite (notice that U) canadian things, some particularly good if you’re in a rainy south-western ontario today.
My Favourite Canadian Movie – French Immersion:
This one, is a weird one, but really, isn’t most canadian cinema a little strange. I think I really liked this one because I was in french immersion growing upp so I could relate to some of the ridiculous things that happened in this movie. My friend and I saw it a couple of years ago and we were crying we were laughing so hard but maybe that was just us.
French Immersion Contest
french immersion
My Favourite Canadian Book – “Still Life With June”:
This is my favourite book, it just happens to be canadian. I read it in university a number of years ago and it continues to be one of my favourites, and one that very few people have ever heard of. I don’t want to give any of it away but it’s a great, easy read.
Still Life with June by Darren Greer
Still Life with June by Darren Greer
My Favourite Canadian TV Show – Degrassi:
This one was a hard one for me to pick because although there is some terrible canadian television, there’s some great tv as well. I went with this one because of how recognized it is around the world. I’ve had international friends from the US all the way to Australia ask me about the show and I always love telling them that degrassi is a real street in Toronto. I figured a photo was not good enough, thanks to whoever put these in the same video.
Degrassi Junior High & Degrassi High
My ‘Favourite’ Canadian Beer – Canadian:¬†
Although this isn’t really my favourite beer, I just love all of their marketing around being canadian. They do a great job at celebrating all the silly things that make us proud to be canadian.
Photo: Is there such a thing as being too Canadian? #IAMCANADIAN
from their facebook page
My Favourite Canadian Food – Poutine:
Although I already mentioned it, I thought it bared repeating. Poutine is amazing, I love when I can turn a skeptic around on poutine because they just can’t believe that it will taste as amazing as it does. Although, sometimes it’s hard to decide between classic or a dressed up poutine, it’s hard to go wrong with it. If you’re going to try to make your own, please poutine responsibly, use delicious cheese curds and piping hot gravy, otherwise it won’t melt and that’s just sad. There’s tons of recipes on pinterest, here’s one I thought looked AMAZING.
Poutine with Guinness Gravy ~ I have been on a cheese curd kick (thank you Amish Store) for weeks.  If I am going to eat unhealthy, I may as well try to take it all the way atleast once. ;)
poutine = omnomnom

To my canadian friends, I hope you have a great holiday. To everyone else, I hope you have a great Tuesday!

Tell me: what would you put on your own “I love” list?