One of the best things about the summer is BBQing, now I know there are some hard core people who try to do it all year long but you can even smell it in the air over the summer and it’s amazing. Ontario Gas BBQ is currently sponsoring a recipe challenge and they want you to pick the winner! Five bloggers have been selected from across the GTA to compete, each one submitting 5 recipes to choose from.

One of these bloggers is the lovely Stephanie Caruso of Kitchen Frolic. I had the chance to ask her about the challenge and her participation:

1. How did you pick your recipes for the challenge?

We were given some guidelines for each of our recipes – the main ingredient, a cultural influence and the meal type (breakfast, dessert, etc), along with the barbecue tool that we were expected to use in creating the recipes. These guidelines often made it both easier and harder to come up with something original, but it definitely made me think outside the box!

2. What do you love most about barbequeing?

I love that barbecuing is done outside! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my kitchen, but it’s really nice, especially during the summer, to get outside, breathe fresh air, chat with family and friends, and grill up something tasty.

3. What would you tell someone who’s new to barbequeing?

Since I’m really new to barbecuing myself, I definitely am learning a lot from this challenge! My best tips right now:

– Get to know your grill. Barbecues differ quite a bit, plus there’s the difference in propane, charcoal, etc, so you have to know what your barbecue can do and pay attention to the food as it grills

– Have patience! I’m really fidgety why it comes to cooking – I’m constantly stirring, peeking and tasting. This is NOT a good thing when it comes to grilling. I have to remind myself to refrain from lifting the barbecue lid or flipping the burger as often as I want! LOL.

4. What is your must have barbequeing accessory?

The more I’m barbecuing, the more I’m relying on a couple of “must have” accessories – a good pair of barbecue tongs, a strong spatula and reliable thermometers!

If you’d like to check out Stephanie’s delicious BBQ recipes, you can find them all on her blog. The pulled pork pita looks amazing! You can vote for Stephanie in the #OGBChallenge, best part is just by voting, you have a chance to win an Ontario Gas BBQ Gift Card. The competition runs until the end of July.

Happy Grilling!

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