Happy almost Friday everyone. Hope you got to enjoy the sunshine today (or maybe you’re still out there), seems like most people were taking in a soccer game or two. As I mentioned last week, time got away from me so this week will be a double-thirsty-thursday edition.
This week is a pair of wines from South Africa, the Durbanville Hills’ Sauvignon Blanc and their Shiraz, which are both available at the LCBO for $11.95. Samples of these wines were provided to me along with handmade chocolates , so my girlfriend and I decided to have a little wine tasting in the glamorous setting of my condo¬†and since I prefer whites and my girlfriend prefers red, it worked out perfectly.


delicious pairings
delicious pairings

First, we sampled the Sauvignon Blanc, I tend to get overwhelmed in the LCBO so it was nice to try something new. This Blanc was acidic, something I’m not used to but really cold it was pretty delicious. There was definitely hints of citrus, a fuller white. The chocolate was a white but I preferred just the wine :)

Next was the Shiraz, I’m not usually a red fan but I found it to be a lighter red. The chocolate to pair with it was peppery, you could definitely taste the nutmeg which paired nicely with the wine. I would suggest this for later in the year and for those who want something a little lighter.
I’m really glad I got to try a new wine from a new region (I tend to just stay in Ontario). Happy Sipping!


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