I’ll be honest, I was a little disappointed with my most recent Color Show, I found it was very translucent so decided to try another brand for the summer. I originally saw the Gel Envy on I’m a Beauty Geek¬†and thought it looked really pretty.

I’ve never tried gel nail polish before, but I’ve done shellac and it completely destroyed my nails – I was not looking for something similar to that. I liked the idea that it gave the gel effect without needing a light, because really it just seems like so much effort. So I bought the nail polish AND the top coat (I’m terrible and don’t often purchase the top coat). It also included the base coat in the nail polish, which is good because as you can guess, I never wear a base coat. Each bottle was $8.99, little more than I normally spend but not the highest end for sure. It also can occasionally be found on sale.

The nail polish went on really smoothly and looked good even after one coat but I still added the second one. About ten minutes later, I put the top coat on and it dried relatively quickly (that’s also usually a problem for me, messing up my nails before even getting off the couch).


I would say that it lasted about 3-4 days before I noticed any chipping and I had to take it off by day 5. I’ve read some people have better luck with it lasting longer but this is about as long as any other nail polish has lasted for me so I was pretty happy. It comes off fairly easily (for a dark colour) and I did love the shine.

Tell me, what’s your favourite drug store brand nail polish? I’m always looking for my next one.

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  1. Pretty! I have a similar colour in my collection. I seem to own a lot of Essie nail polish lately, I think because shoppers keeps having sales.

    I will recommend Rimmel London 60 second nail polish. It dries soooo fast so it is great for a last minute manicure!

    All my nails chip within a few days, though. I have soft nails :\

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