I went to my 2nd jays game of the season this past Saturday and headed out to the ‘bleachers’, where I tend to watch most games now. I was about to order my go-to beer and I noticed two different coloured shock tops, in addition to the regular one, I was excited to find out what these were. Turns out, shock top now offers a lemon shandy and a raspberry wheat.

At this game, I tried the lemon shandy, save the raspberry for next time. I’ve enjoyed shandies in the past and this was no different. Last summer when I wanted a shandy, I’d have the ricards version, this one wasn’t as sweet as that one, so you could likely drink more of them if sweetness is not your thing. I would have enjoyed this beer if they had of opened the roof (it was beautiful, I still can’t believe it was cold), but I’d definitely have this again the next time I want a shandy.

delicious shandy
delicious shandy

Have you tried either of the new shock tops?

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