This has been a strange week. On one hand, it felt like Thursday would never come and then on the other, it felt like it was crazy it was already Thursday. Ever have one of those weeks? No? Just me? Ok.

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about the new shock top I found at the jays game (who are doing really well but I’m afraid to admit it because I’m afraid to jynx it). Anyways, I mentioned that they had a raspberry one as well that I wanted to try. Well, I saw it at the LCBO and decided to pick one up to try.

raspberry wheat
raspberry wheat


I really enjoyed it, like all flavoured beer, I can’t drink lots of them in one sitting but I will definitely purchase this one again. I’ve had the Amsterdam KLB Raspberry Wheat and found that in comparison this one had more of a raspberry taste and didn’t really taste like a strong wheat beer. I’d consider this another summer drink, one that I will mostly likely enjoy again while at a jay game.

Have a great Thursday!

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