I think one of my favourite parts about beverages for the summer is the new ones that companies put out. I spotted this cooler while at the LCBO last week and was curious to try it. I had tried their winterberry and was pretty disappointed with it so I was hoping for something better with this one – and I got it.



This cooler had nice flavour and was pretty sweet, which I don’t mind within reason in a cooler. I would consider it around the same level of sweetness as one of their lemonades. It did have a nice blood orange flavour and would be nice while up at the cottage with your feet hanging over the deck (can you tell I’m excited for the cottage?). I’d also like to try using this instead of sprite/blood orange juice when I reattempt to make the blood orange sangria.

Have you tried any of the new coolers out for the summer? What are your favourites?

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