Last Friday, I was invited to the grand opening of KS Beauty Lounge in Forest Hill. This beauty boutique focuses on eyes with lash and brow treatment as well as makeup applications.

When I walked in to the beautiful salon, I was greeted by the extremely friendly team. The salon was warm and inviting and beautifully decorated, it was as if you were entering someone’s home. The atmosphere was very relaxed, which I love in a salon, I find some places take themselves too seriously. I was offered my choice of treatment to try out the salon and decided to try eyelash extensions. I’ve never had my eyelashes done before so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. My lash artist Maryam was amazing. She walked me through all the paperwork, what to expect and made me feel really comfortable. I’d seen pictures of people getting lash extensions but┬ádidn’t really know what to expect. Once my eyes were closed, I probably could have fallen asleep, I couldn’t even tell that someone was touching my eyes. The hour it took flew by and I was quite happy with the results. It looks as if I’m wearing a lengthening mascara but not like I’m going out in Vegas. Maryam also went over how to care for the lashes and answered my bunch of questions following the treatment.

Following my extensions, the lovely Joseph did my make-up for me, it was Friday night after-all. I wanted to keep it fairly simple as I wasn’t planning on hitting the town. He suggested I try airbrush foundation, at first I was little hesitant, I don’t normally like wearing foundation, I find it really heavy on my face and really uncomfortable but the airbrush was more like wearing a BB cream. It created a very even skin tone and didn’t feel like I was wearing pounds of makeup.

i'm kind of bad at selfies but look at that length!
i’m kind of bad at selfies but look at that length!

The KS Beauty Lounge offers a number of services related to the eyes, including extensions, eyelash and eyebrow tinting, as well as the new Micha glaze, which last two weeks and give the look of a traditional mascara. The team is extremely lovely and I recommend them if you’re looking for eye treatments.

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