One of the best things to happen because of the internet is crowdsourcing. It’s great for the projects because it’s a way to get funding for a great idea, that may otherwise be impossible to get. For the supporters, they know they played a part in the development of a product, a show or a movie.

One of the projects I’ve chosen to support is a film by local writer/director Ian Pozzebon called “Sinkers“. The film is about a comedy two wannabe wise-guys who set their sights on taking the next steps in their criminal careers. The funds from this project will be used to for every aspect of the film including cameras, lighting, sound, location fees, props and wardrobe. The writer has spent the last five years perfecting the script and with the support of kickstarter backers, the film will become a reality. The film also has a lot to offer its backers (depending on their level of support) from tickets to the screening, swag and even a chance to visit the set as a thank you.


sinkers kickstarter




I think it’s pretty remarkable that we can be a part of the local art scene in such an easy way. The project’s funding window ends on May 25th, so visit “Sinkers” on kickstarter┬áto support the project and share it on social media to great this great short film made.

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