I received a sample of the imPRESS manicure from Influenster. I’ve never worn fake nails before so I was interested to see how these ones felt.

They sent me two colours, both a little bolder than something I’d normally wear but I decided to test out the orange.

I first lined up the nails in order so I didn’t mix them up. My nails are all different sizes so I was afraid that it would be hard to find something that fit but for the most part, it wasn’t a probably. The peel-off part was a little difficult to take off, it look a little getting used to but once I got into the rhythm of it, it was pretty simple. The nails were more flexible than I expected, I expected them to be rigid. It took a little getting used to the fake nails, particularly with typing and they seemed a little too long for me I’m not used to having such over the top nails so I tested cutting them down. I was able to trim them down with nail clippers, some people may not mind the length, but I found them hard to work with. The problem is, I likely wouldn’t wear the ones with tips because I think they would be too long. I think the fact that they were a little flexible allowed me to shape them, if they had of been really rigid, I think they probably would have cracked. They took me about 10 minutes to put on and they of course had no dry time, which is always an issue for me, I’m usually not patient enough to sit and wait for my nails to dry and I mess them up.

my trimmed down fake nails
my trimmed down fake nails

Would I buy this product again? I think I would if I were going on vacation and wanted a long lasting product that didn’t chip, but I wouldn’t buy them for everyday wear. I’m going to Vegas in October and I think they would be great for that. They have a bunch of colours and patterns and are available at Walmart, Target and Loblaws, $8.99 for the colours and $10.99 for the patterns. They’re in the same price range as the nail polish stickers I usually wear on vacation. They also have a glitter line, which I would probably wear, for new years or some occasion because I hate how impossible glitter polish is to get off. They look even and are as irritating to remove. They lasted about 5 days, then I had to take them off but they probably would have lasted another day or two.

Have you tried these nails? What’s your go-to for an easy at-home mani?

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