Last night was craveTO, “the start to patio season”. My friend and went down to check out the event at Wychwood Barns. The event was entirely outdoors and thankfully the weather was amazing. These are the things I tried at the event last night: I knew for sure I wanted to try the pierogies, I love pierogies and the Saucy Pierogi┬ádid not disappoint. I decided to go with the classic, cheese, sour cream and bacon and it was delicious. They also had a sauce on the bottom, a little spicy but not overpowering. Really delicious.


My friend and I also split meatballs from “We Got Balls“. We tried the chicken parm and the turkey, I preferred the chicken parm probably because you can’t go wrong with parm. The turkey had a flavour I couldn’t quite peg, if you liked that flavour, you’d probably prefer the turkey. They were served with fries, which I thought was a little unusual but they were seasoned and tasty.



It was time for a sweet treat. We got a couple tiny cupcakes, perfect to just taste. We had bacon maple peanut butter, orange chai latte (my favourite) and a coconut one. I love the size of these cupcakes because I don’t always need something big, just something sweet.



At this point, we were starting to get full but that didn’t stop us, I knew I wanted corn. We decided to try the corn in a cup, it seemed so much easier than trying to eat the corn on the cob. They had a bunch of different flavours, I went with the cheddar bbq and my friend went with the mexican one. The cheddar bbq tasted like just that, cheddar cheese and bbq sauce. The mexican one was ┬álike corn with taco seasoning. Both were pretty tasty and surprisingly filling. I’m not sure if it was a whole cob in each bowl but we could barely finish them.



But that didn’t stop us from getting ice cream sandwiches. They all sounded delicious, but I thought, how can I not get the one with beer ice cream? I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was SO good. My friend wasn’t sure if she should get the same or try another flavour but she tried mine and ordered a beer one as well. The ice cream didn’t have an overpowering beer flavour but if you don’t like the taste of beer, you probably wouldn’t like. I hope I find sweet sammies again this summer, I could eat those constantly!

By this point, I was ridiculously full and content. I had a couple of drinks, some I’ve included in Thirsty Thursday in the past and others you should expect in the coming weeks. I also enjoyed playing with my new camera, although it was a little hard to see with the bright sun – I’ll get better! The next craveTO is happening June 26th in the Ed Mirvish Alley. Did you go to craveTO? What did you like?

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