I’ve read another book…the Kobo mini does such a great job of making it easy to read on the go. Even if it’s just a few minutes waiting for someone, that time is spent more efficiently.

My latest read was also a short one, “I am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced”, at around a hundred pages, this is a pretty quick read. It was a very interesting story of a 10 year old girl forced into an arranged marriage in Yemen. I had just read “I am Malala” so it was a little difficult not to compare the two. I found this book to be less about the details and history of the country and more about her personal experiences. Her story is quite remarkable from the marriage to her resolve to get a divorce, I think this book is great at giving light to a story that is not often told. The book is excellently written and I’d recommend it for a quick read.

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