If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen some photos form a CD release party I went to on Sunday. The artist was the extremely talented Rosalie Sinanan. This event was the debut of her album “Pathfinder” and she performed the entire CD for us on Sunday night.

I had heard a couple of Rosalie’s songs on the CBC website before going to the show and liked the preview I had, her songs are a bit of a mix between pop, rock and some alternative. The range in her voice is absolutely incredible, it was so powerful. And, not only is she an amazing singer but she can also play the piano beautifully which she did for her song “Lost Girl” as well as the touching song she wrote for her mom (as the party was on mother’s day). The songs are about finding your path, about the decisions you make in life and how they can have a positive or negative impact. Each song had a meaning to Rosalie and it was very interesting to be able to get the insight from the artist about what each of these songs represented. I found it incredibly impressive that she can sing, play instruments and write her owns songs, maybe it’s because I basically have no musical abilities whatsoever so to meet someone with that kind of talent blows me away.

I’d have to say my favourite song from the album is “My Power”, a song about rediscovering yourself, which was a little more on the rock side. I can definitely envision playing that loudly with the windows rolled down. You can find Rosalie on the CBC music website or on Twitter. Definitely a Canadian artist worth checking out. I’d like to thank Rosalie for inviting me to the show on Sunday, it was a beautiful way to spend the evening.

PS: I also have to mention her opening band, Dead Penny Collection (formerly Dead Penny Trio, but now there’s 4 of them). They cover a large range of songs, with a really unique style. They’re on Facebook and YouTube.


Ironically, I could only get a picture of three of them.
Ironically, I could only get a picture of three of them.


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