Month: May 2014

what i ate at craveTO

Last night was craveTO, “the start to patio season”. My friend and went down to check out the event at Wychwood Barns. The event was entirely outdoors and thankfully the weather was amazing. These are the things I tried at the event last night: I knew for sure I wanted to try the pierogies, I love pierogies and the Saucy Pierogi did not disappoint. I decided to go with the classic, cheese, sour cream and bacon and it was delicious. They also had a sauce on the bottom, a little spicy but not overpowering. Really delicious.


My friend and I also split meatballs from “We Got Balls“. We tried the chicken parm and the turkey, I preferred the chicken parm probably because you can’t go wrong with parm. The turkey had a flavour I couldn’t quite peg, if you liked that flavour, you’d probably prefer the turkey. They were served with fries, which I thought was a little unusual but they were seasoned and tasty.



It was time for a sweet treat. We got a couple tiny cupcakes, perfect to just taste. We had bacon maple peanut butter, orange chai latte (my favourite) and a coconut one. I love the size of these cupcakes because I don’t always need something big, just something sweet.



At this point, we were starting to get full but that didn’t stop us, I knew I wanted corn. We decided to try the corn in a cup, it seemed so much easier than trying to eat the corn on the cob. They had a bunch of different flavours, I went with the cheddar bbq and my friend went with the mexican one. The cheddar bbq tasted like just that, cheddar cheese and bbq sauce. The mexican one was  like corn with taco seasoning. Both were pretty tasty and surprisingly filling. I’m not sure if it was a whole cob in each bowl but we could barely finish them.



But that didn’t stop us from getting ice cream sandwiches. They all sounded delicious, but I thought, how can I not get the one with beer ice cream? I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was SO good. My friend wasn’t sure if she should get the same or try another flavour but she tried mine and ordered a beer one as well. The ice cream didn’t have an overpowering beer flavour but if you don’t like the taste of beer, you probably wouldn’t like. I hope I find sweet sammies again this summer, I could eat those constantly!

By this point, I was ridiculously full and content. I had a couple of drinks, some I’ve included in Thirsty Thursday in the past and others you should expect in the coming weeks. I also enjoyed playing with my new camera, although it was a little hard to see with the bright sun – I’ll get better! The next craveTO is happening June 26th in the Ed Mirvish Alley. Did you go to craveTO? What did you like?

May 30-June 1: what to do/see/eat/drink this weekend in toronto

We made it! Almost… Just a few hours to go until we can enjoy what should be a beautiful weekend in the city. Here’s a few ideas if you haven’t made plans yet.

Do: This Sunday is is the first of the Leslieville Flea of the summer. This summer it is expanding to two locations and the first Sunday of the month it will be at Harbourfront Centre. From 10am-5pm, you can shop vintage, salvaged, antiques and collectibles from a variety of vendors and admission is free.

See: It started on Wednesday and runs until Sunday, the Toronto Festival of Clowns is happening at a couple venues throughout the weekend. This event, now in it’s 9th year allows clowns and physical theatre artists to showcase their work. Tickets for all shows are $15 and there are passes available.

Eat/Drink: Tonight is CraveTO, I mentioned it a couple of a weeks ago and now I can finally eat and drink to my heart’s content. Tickets are no longer available online but can be purchased at the door. It will also be the first time I bust out my new camera, I’m pretty excited! So expect lots of food pictures, or even just pictures of things. The event is tonight at Wychwood Barns from 5-11pm, and hopefully it stays this beautiful out. 

As usual, my Friday song is inspired by the DJ Cymaxxx mix on Kiss on Friday mornings. That mix is always amazing. Have a great weekend!

thirsty thursday: shock top raspberry white

This has been a strange week. On one hand, it felt like Thursday would never come and then on the other, it felt like it was crazy it was already Thursday. Ever have one of those weeks? No? Just me? Ok.

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about the new shock top I found at the jays game (who are doing really well but I’m afraid to admit it because I’m afraid to jynx it). Anyways, I mentioned that they had a raspberry one as well that I wanted to try. Well, I saw it at the LCBO and decided to pick one up to try.

raspberry wheat
raspberry wheat


I really enjoyed it, like all flavoured beer, I can’t drink lots of them in one sitting but I will definitely purchase this one again. I’ve had the Amsterdam KLB Raspberry Wheat and found that in comparison this one had more of a raspberry taste and didn’t really taste like a strong wheat beer. I’d consider this another summer drink, one that I will mostly likely enjoy again while at a jay game.

Have a great Thursday!

ks beauty lounges in forest hill

Last Friday, I was invited to the grand opening of KS Beauty Lounge in Forest Hill. This beauty boutique focuses on eyes with lash and brow treatment as well as makeup applications.

When I walked in to the beautiful salon, I was greeted by the extremely friendly team. The salon was warm and inviting and beautifully decorated, it was as if you were entering someone’s home. The atmosphere was very relaxed, which I love in a salon, I find some places take themselves too seriously. I was offered my choice of treatment to try out the salon and decided to try eyelash extensions. I’ve never had my eyelashes done before so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. My lash artist Maryam was amazing. She walked me through all the paperwork, what to expect and made me feel really comfortable. I’d seen pictures of people getting lash extensions but didn’t really know what to expect. Once my eyes were closed, I probably could have fallen asleep, I couldn’t even tell that someone was touching my eyes. The hour it took flew by and I was quite happy with the results. It looks as if I’m wearing a lengthening mascara but not like I’m going out in Vegas. Maryam also went over how to care for the lashes and answered my bunch of questions following the treatment.

Following my extensions, the lovely Joseph did my make-up for me, it was Friday night after-all. I wanted to keep it fairly simple as I wasn’t planning on hitting the town. He suggested I try airbrush foundation, at first I was little hesitant, I don’t normally like wearing foundation, I find it really heavy on my face and really uncomfortable but the airbrush was more like wearing a BB cream. It created a very even skin tone and didn’t feel like I was wearing pounds of makeup.

i'm kind of bad at selfies but look at that length!
i’m kind of bad at selfies but look at that length!

The KS Beauty Lounge offers a number of services related to the eyes, including extensions, eyelash and eyebrow tinting, as well as the new Micha glaze, which last two weeks and give the look of a traditional mascara. The team is extremely lovely and I recommend them if you’re looking for eye treatments.

another read

I’ve read another book…the Kobo mini does such a great job of making it easy to read on the go. Even if it’s just a few minutes waiting for someone, that time is spent more efficiently.

My latest read was also a short one, “I am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced”, at around a hundred pages, this is a pretty quick read. It was a very interesting story of a 10 year old girl forced into an arranged marriage in Yemen. I had just read “I am Malala” so it was a little difficult not to compare the two. I found this book to be less about the details and history of the country and more about her personal experiences. Her story is quite remarkable from the marriage to her resolve to get a divorce, I think this book is great at giving light to a story that is not often told. The book is excellently written and I’d recommend it for a quick read.

May 23-25: what to do/see/eat/drink this weekend in toronto

Somehow we are in the last full weekend of May, maybe it was the long weekend? Or maybe time is just constantly flying. Either way, it’s the weekend! Here’s some things going on around the city – it’s supposed to be a nice one!

Do: It’s Doors Open Toronto this weekend, which means more than 155 buildings across the city will be offering free access to explore these significant buildings. The theme this year is Secrets and Spirits which will look at secret spaces, stories of mysteries or spirit sightings at 80 locations. The website has lots of detailed information of what is happening, where and when. And did I mention it was free?

See: The 24th annual Toronto LGBT Film Festival began yesterday and runs until June 1st. The film festival takes place at the TIFF Bell Lightbox with shows taking place throughout the week. Tickets for individual shows are available or you can purchase a 8-pack for $91.

Eat: Last night I went to Gluten Freedom Week‘s Launch Party where I got to meet the lovely blogger behind GlutenFreedomTO. She’s responsible for pulling together this awesome event for celiacs/gluten-intolerant/hungry people. Starting Sunday, 20 restaurants throughout the city will offer a gluten-free fixed-menu, think the -licious events, there’s a wide range of options from cuban to middle eastern to italian and more, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Call the restaurants to make reservations and check out the wonderful sponsors that are making this event happen.


delicious cake from last night's launch party
delicious cake from last night’s launch party

Drink: Homeruns for Horizons will be on this Saturday, at Trinity Bellwoods, from 10am-7pm. This event is raising money for Horizons for Youth a community organization that helps homeless and at-risk youth become contributing community members. This charity softball tournament will also have music, prizes, food and drinks (of course) for sale. As always, love enjoying beverages for a good cause, here’s your chance.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

The Friday song this week is inspired by a song I heard on the radio this morning – I totally thought this song was by O-Town… I don’t know why.

thirsty thursday: mike’s blood orange

I think one of my favourite parts about beverages for the summer is the new ones that companies put out. I spotted this cooler while at the LCBO last week and was curious to try it. I had tried their winterberry and was pretty disappointed with it so I was hoping for something better with this one – and I got it.



This cooler had nice flavour and was pretty sweet, which I don’t mind within reason in a cooler. I would consider it around the same level of sweetness as one of their lemonades. It did have a nice blood orange flavour and would be nice while up at the cottage with your feet hanging over the deck (can you tell I’m excited for the cottage?). I’d also like to try using this instead of sprite/blood orange juice when I reattempt to make the blood orange sangria.

Have you tried any of the new coolers out for the summer? What are your favourites?

broadway nails imPRESS press-on manicure

I received a sample of the imPRESS manicure from Influenster. I’ve never worn fake nails before so I was interested to see how these ones felt.

They sent me two colours, both a little bolder than something I’d normally wear but I decided to test out the orange.

I first lined up the nails in order so I didn’t mix them up. My nails are all different sizes so I was afraid that it would be hard to find something that fit but for the most part, it wasn’t a probably. The peel-off part was a little difficult to take off, it look a little getting used to but once I got into the rhythm of it, it was pretty simple. The nails were more flexible than I expected, I expected them to be rigid. It took a little getting used to the fake nails, particularly with typing and they seemed a little too long for me I’m not used to having such over the top nails so I tested cutting them down. I was able to trim them down with nail clippers, some people may not mind the length, but I found them hard to work with. The problem is, I likely wouldn’t wear the ones with tips because I think they would be too long. I think the fact that they were a little flexible allowed me to shape them, if they had of been really rigid, I think they probably would have cracked. They took me about 10 minutes to put on and they of course had no dry time, which is always an issue for me, I’m usually not patient enough to sit and wait for my nails to dry and I mess them up.

my trimmed down fake nails
my trimmed down fake nails

Would I buy this product again? I think I would if I were going on vacation and wanted a long lasting product that didn’t chip, but I wouldn’t buy them for everyday wear. I’m going to Vegas in October and I think they would be great for that. They have a bunch of colours and patterns and are available at Walmart, Target and Loblaws, $8.99 for the colours and $10.99 for the patterns. They’re in the same price range as the nail polish stickers I usually wear on vacation. They also have a glitter line, which I would probably wear, for new years or some occasion because I hate how impossible glitter polish is to get off. They look even and are as irritating to remove. They lasted about 5 days, then I had to take them off but they probably would have lasted another day or two.

Have you tried these nails? What’s your go-to for an easy at-home mani?

May 16-19: what to do/see/eat/drink this weekend in Toronto

Yay! It’s Frrrriiiiiiiiddaaaay! Of a long weekend, which makes it an even better Friday. Although it’s a little dreary out, this is the first “long weekend of the summer” and there’s lots to do in the city. The weather is also supposed to get better throughout the the weekend so here’s a few ideas in case you haven’t made plans yet.

Do: It’s a long weekend and that means the Brewer’s Backyard is back at the Evergreen Brick Works. This is their annual Queen Victoria’s Secret event which means most of the details are under wraps until the day-of but there will be beer and food to be enjoyed. The admission to the event is free, it runs from 11am-4pm and is all ages. Plus, the weather is supposed to be best on Monday, get out and enjoy!

See: It’s cherry blossom time at High Park. Although this horrible winter wrecked havoc on most of the plants throughout the city, the blossoms have started blooming and although they don’t have as many buds as in previous years, they are expected to last throughout the long weekend. The blossoms really mean warmer weather is coming but this beauty won’t last long.

Eat: It’s the 50th anniversary of Canada’s coffee shop and they’re celebrating by giving away birthday cake donuts. I’m a huge fan of donuts so I may even test my patience and try to get one of these limited edition donuts. They’ll be giving them away tomorrow, while supplies last.

Drink: The season’s first Toronto Underground Market is this Saturday at their new home at 99 Sudbury. Tickets are still available online and are $15 plus fees, they are $22 at the door. There will be a large selection of food and the event is also licensed and 19+. The new venue is part indoors, part outdoors so best to dress in layers to stay comfortable.

My Friday song is care of Dead Penny – it’s their cover to Ignition. Have a great weekend!

drinkstarter: sinkers

sinkers kickstarter

Last week I had a post about kickstarter for a short film called “sinkers“. The kickstarter is to raise money for just about every aspect of the film’s production and there’s still time to help support the campaign.

Another great way you can help support the campaign is by attending their drinkstarter. On Tuesday, May 20th, the Monarch Tavern on Clinton will host a drinkstarter for this campaign.

What’s a drinkstarter? On that night, between 7pm-2am, a dollar from every drink sold will go towards the “sinkers” campaign. As probably mentioned in the past, I am a huge fan of drinking with purpose, it just makes it that much more fun and this is a great (and easy) way to help get this local movie made. Tuesday is also Vinyl Nite at the Monarch Tavern, you can bring your favourite LPs and they’ll play it, a whole side at a time, you even get a discount on your pint if you bring one. Otherwise, you can just enjoy the vinyl and drink for a good cause.

If you can’t make it, you can still help fund this campaign until next weekend.