It is unbelievable the amount of talent that is in this city, but being talented isn’t always enough. It’s not easy to make it performing (here or in any city) but Cosimo Tucci isn’t letting that stop him. And he’s bringing us along for the ride.

Cosimo Tucci is a comedian and film maker with the dream of having his own live special at a comedy club. He knows that you have to be responsible for your own dreams and after a successfully funded kickstarter, he is making a comedy documentary called “Just Talking”, about his journey to take matters into his own hands. His dream was to headline a show in a comedy club and this Thursday, that dream is becoming a reality.

Performing at Second City in Toronto, the show will feature Garrett Jamieson, Lwam Ghebrehariat and of course, Cosimo Tucci and will be included in the film. Once the documentary is complete, the team hopes to submit the film to TIFF for 2014. So, this Thursday is your opportunity to not only see great comedy, but also see a film in the making. The show starts at 10:30pm and is only $5.


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