Even though the weather has been all over the place lately, summer is actually coming. I promise (actually, I’m not even sure anymore, tomorrow is not looking so good). Assuming that summer is coming soon, that means there will be a lot more exposed skin, skirts, dressed, shorts, tanks are in our future, time to get that skin ready for that fresh air.

I love body scrubs, they just feel so great so I thought I’d share my thoughts on two popular brands – Golden Sugar from Bath and Body Works (Cashmere Glow) and The Body Shop’s Satsuma Body Polish. They’re both around the same price point, although both stores seem to have some sort of sale going on. The regular price for the Golden Sugar is $16 and the Body Polish is $20.


Although I expected these products to be similar, I was surprised in how different these products were. I found the Golden Sugar Scrub to be thicker and had more of a texture. It was really like large grains of sugar in the scrub. I found the Body Polish to be more of a soap texture. It wouldn’t be possible to wash with the Golden Sugar Scrub whereas I think it would be possible with the Body Polish.


Golden Sugar Scrub & Body Polish
Golden Sugar Scrub & Body Polish

Both of these scrubs have a nice scent. I love the vanilla aspects of the cashmere glow but I don’t think anything can beat The Body Shop’s satsuma, I think a lot of their success must be attributed to that scent. Both stores have a bunch of scents to choose from so you’re likely to find something you like.

I’m really excited about the weather getting nicer, and about all my summer products, scents and colours. Are there any products you love for the summer?

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