It’s the weekend! A long one at that (and for some a super long weekend) so even though the weekend has technically begun there is still plenty of time to make plans. Here’s some ideas if you’re not sure what to do.

Do: If Easter means eating as much sugar as humaly possible, Tasty Tours has you covered this weekend. They have a few different tours going on, two sweets tours on Sunday with space still available (there is a chocolate tour tomorrow that currently has a waitlist). If you’re looking to indulge your sweet tooth while finding some new local shops, this tour is for you.

See: Didn’t get tickets to the playoff game but still want to watch the Raptors ‘defend the north‘ as they start their series against the Nets? Well you can head down to the Square outside of the ACC tomorrow (and all the games throughout the playoffs) and watch it on the big screens. This is an all-ages event so everyone is welcome to go down and watch your Raptors try for victory.

Eat: Many people will be enjoying brunch for Easter Sunday this weekend and because I can’t choose one restaurant – it just seems unfair, I’m going to suggest the blogTO’s list. They have found the places open and offering what I assume will be delicious brunch on Sunday. Some places are taking reservations (usually unheard of for brunch) so best to try otherwise I expect you’ll be waiting a long time.

Drink: Did you forget that almost everything was closed today? Don’t worry, it does happen. And as such, you don’t have any beer to enjoy on your Friday off? Well not to worry, Amsterdam Brewery (maker of one of my favourite beers) has you covered! Both of their retail locations are open today, the one in Leaside until 9pm and the Brewhouse is open until 11pm to allow you to save the day – with beer of course.

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