Month: March 2014

March 28-30: what to do/see/eat/drink in toronto this weekend

The temperature is supposed to be above freezing all weekend! That really excites me. Spring is definitely in the air and there’s a lot going on, so here’s some ideas if you haven’t already made plans.
Do: The Spring session of the oneofakind show is here this weekend at the direct energy centre. This will be my first time attending so I’m really excited. The event runs all weekend, today and tomorrow until 9pm and Sunday until 6pm. There’s a large variety of vendors including decor, clothing and food.
See: This weekend kicks of Cinefranco! – the francophone international film festival. The event takes place at the Royal Cinema on College. Tickets are $12 with discounts for seniors and students and there’s also a 10-pack for $99. All the films have English subtitles and the event runs until the 6th of April.
Eat/Drink: The ever-popular Toronto Festival of Beers is running their Spring session this weekend at Evergreen Brickworks. Although it will definitely be a scaled down version of their summer attraction, there is still a bunch of great breweries participating. I also included this under the eat section because the food options are just as impressive. Should make for a delicious carb-filled evening. The event starts at 4pm tonight (the Saturday session is sold out) and runs until 11pm (they extended it from 10pm). There will be a shuttle running from Broadview every 15 minutes and tickets are $30 including your cup and 5 sample tokens.
Whatever you do this weekend, I hope your last weekend of March is fabulous.
My Friday song is inspired by hearing the Barenaked Ladies on the radio this morning The Old Apartment. The video is delightfully 90s.

thirsty thursday: the bar with no name

Happy Thursday! Please insert token “where has this week gone” expression here. This week’s thirsty thursday is another drink special at a local bar.

The Bar With No Name in the Bloor West Village has a number of specials throughout the week. Their Thursday special is $3.75 tall cans of craft beers. The bar also has live music beginning at 9:30pm every Thursday.

Be sure to check out this place out, they have daily specials Monday to Friday, all of which include liquor as well have a variety of theme nights such as game night, magic night and karaoke.

Have a fantastic Thursday everyone!

running: week 1, workout 1

Well, last week, I mentioned that I had signed up for a 5k in August, probably one of the craziest things I’ve ever done. And I’ve moved to a foreign country with little plan by myself, just to put it in a “how crazy I think this is”.

To get myself in the running mood, I purchased new running shoes yesterday. I have had the same running shoes for 7 years so not only was it a treat, it was also long overdue. I was excited to find a 9.5, I usually can only find a 9 or a 10, one of the reasons I’ve put off purchasing new runners for a while. I got these at the Sears in Newmarket for $55, so not a bad deal. They had a pretty decent selection of runners and most of them were on sale. I went with something really flashy again mostly because they came in my size.


flashy new kicks
my flashy new kicks

Although last week, I started walking at lunch as a way of ‘training’ for this 5k, today I started with the highly recommended “couch to 5k” app. Everyone keeps telling me I can run 5k no problem, that it’s easy but I must say, I don’t find anything about it easy. Today was running for 60 seconds and walking for 90 seconds alternatively. Those 60 seconds were not always easy. The first couple were no problem, but the 6th, 7th and 8th time started to hurt. I think I just have to accept that this process won’t be easy. Maybe one day 5k will be no big deal to me but today is not that day. My legs hurt already.

This is not the first learn to run 5k app I’ve tried, the last one used zombies as motivation. Turns out, zombies freak me out and I don’t want to pretend they’re chasing me! This app doesn’t have the prettiest interface but it’s easy to use and I can use any music app on my phone including songza. Plus, there’s no zombies.

week 1, day 1
week 1, day 1

Even though it was not the easiest thing I’ve ever done, it was also not impossible, so I will keep going. Who knows, maybe I’ll even begin to enjoy it. The music definitely helped. Today, I got “Back That A$$ Up” AND “Chattahooche” – obviously different songza playlists but still, they helped me push through. Plus a lovely cool down with Great Big Sea, they have some great cool down songs.


I won’t update after every workout but I’ll keep you all posted. Thank you all for your encouragement so far, it really makes a difference! :) What keeps you motivated for working out? Any songza playlist recommendations?

I also want to give a shout-out to two other Toronto bloggers who are working towards a healthier lifestyle, be sure to check out their blogs as well!

Waffling & Happy or Hungry

March 21-23: what to do/see/eat/drink in toronto this weekend

It is the first weekend of spring, despite it still being pretty cold out which means lots will be happening in the city (as usual). Here’s a few ideas!

Do: The National Home Show is heading into it’s last couple of days of the season. I went this past weekend and enjoyed walking around, seeing all the products and home designs. My favourite part of the spring show is always the Canada Blooms section. I love the plants and flowers you can buy but I really love the displays and competitions. The show runs until Sunday at the Direct Energy Centre, with discounted tickets available online.

See: This Sunday is the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show, taking place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre’s North building. Tickets are $10, cash only at the door. The show will have a large selection of vendors with rare pieces including costume jewelry and designer pieces.

Eat: It is the one year anniversary of the Midnight MRKT tonight at 2nd Floor Events on King Street. As always there will be a variety of food and drink vendors as well as local vendors with an assortment of goods. Check their Facebook page for details on how to get into the event for free. The event runs from 9pm until 1am tonight.

Drink: If you thought burlesque and tea didn’t go together, you’d apparently be incorrect. This Sunday is Red Herring’s monthly Cuppa Tea. For $20, you get a selection of finger sandwiches, scones and tea and there is also the option of ordering cocktails. The event begins at 1pm at the ROUND venue, near College and Spadina. There will be a variety of burlesque performances including signer Vijay Mohan, St Stella and Chow Mein.

I hope you all have a fabulous first weekend of spring.

Here’s a song to enjoy on your Friday afternoon.

thirsty thursday: stiegl grapefruit

It is the first day of Spring, although it doesn’t feel like it in Toronto but by this point, it’s to be expected. I thought I’d write about a really light and refreshing drink, perfect for patios, if we ever get out there! I first tried this beer at bier markt because it just sounded so delicious. The stiegl grapefruit radler is a really light beer mixed drink. It is fairly low in calories but it is also very low in alcohol at less than 3%. It doesn’t deliver the same satisfaction you’d get from drinking a beer, if that’s what you’re really in the mood for but it will definitely hit the spot if you’re looking for some light and citrusy, that isn’t too sweet.

  Now that Spring is here, what are you excited to enjoy on the patio?

running? what, why?

I always said that I would never run unless I was being chased so I can’t really explain how I got convinced that doing a 5k run with a few people would be a great idea.

In my last year of high school, I was probably the fittest I had ever been but still could barely run a mile. I’ve always said that runners seem so happy but I could never get into running. I would try and everything would hurt and I wouldn’t feel as awesome as everyone else who ran seemed to feel. We’re starting off very slow, with walking. I’m pretty good at walking, that sounds so ridiculous but I do walk pretty fast (as my friends can begrudgingly attest to) and I can walk a long time, even in terrible shoes.

So what now? Well I’m not entirely sure. My 5k isn’t until August but I really feel like I need to be thinking about it constantly because it will definitely sneak up on me, like everything else! I do think having a specific date in mind with a group of people who have also signed up will keep me focused. So does anyone out there have any suggestions? Keeping in mind, I literally have not run a mile (let alone 5k) since high school.

I’ll let you know how my progress goes, hopefully that will keep me honest!  😉

the latest book: sharp objects

I was away this week and so had plenty of time to read my latest book. I read Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn, the author of Gone Girl. Being away is also why my Thursday and Friday posts didn’t get up! I’m sorry, I really struggled to find WiFi while I was away, crazy, I know.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t enjoy this novel as much as I enjoyed Gone Girl, I shouldn’t really compare them because they aren’t part of a series but it was hard not to since I just read Gone Girl. I found this story a little more predictable than the other novel. That isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy the story. This mystery about two young girls killed in a small-town in Missouri and the reporter charged to uncover the story. I read the book within the week and that’s usually a good indication that I enjoyed it, I am the type of person who can put a book down and never pick it up again if I’m not enjoying it.

If you like mysteries, I would recommend this book. I think Flynn is an excellent writer and this short novel is a great read.

Happy Saturday Everyone!

March 8-9: what to do/see/eat/drink this weekend in toronto

So, as with every week, I don’t know how another one has gone by. The first week of March is over already and today is actually starting to feel a little spring like. I’m not holding my breath though because this weather seems never ending. However, there is still lots coming up this weekend, particularly with the beginning of March Break for the kids.

Do: Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. Toronto has over a dozen events happening tomorrow, and to be honest, I couldn’t just pick one. The International Women’s Day site has a listing by city of events including theatre, dance, lectures and award ceremonies.

See: I love sketch comedy. Despite the hate it receives, I still love SNL. This weekend is the beginning of the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival, which runs until the 16th. It takes place at a variety of venues across the city and tickets start at $15.

Eat: The Sugarbush Maple Syrup Festival is a very Canadian activity taking place this weekend (and until April 6th). Just North of the city at the Bruce’s Mill Conservation Area and at the Kortright Conversation area. Activities include demonstrations, horse drawn wagon rides and of course maple syrup. I haven’t been since I was a kid but it definitely sounds like a way to relive field trips of yesterday.

Drink: Looking for a place to have some cocktails without breaking the bank? Il Sogno on Yonge (North of Davisville) has $5 Martinis all night along. With 9 types of martinis, from the classic to something sweeter, there’s definitely a cocktail to satisfy your end of week desire for a drink.

Whatever you do this weekend, I hope it’s fantastic.

And now, for the Friday song. An amazing cover of Kiss From a Rose.

thirsty thursday: seagram’s classic lemonade

Happy Thursday! And happy birthday Toronto, 180 years young and what a hundred and eighty years!

This week’s thirsty thursday is Seagram’s Classic Lemonade. I first noticed the Seagram’s line of pre-mixed cocktails last summer. What I first noticed about these cocktails (not all in their line but the lemonade specifically) that they weren’t carbonated. Which means you could enjoy them without getting a stomach full of carbonation. I also have a friend who is allergic to carbonation, she was pretty excited she could drink a pre-mixed cocktail for the first time, ever. The cocktail itself is pretty sour but if you like a tart drink, this one is for you!