I love a place with drink specials, I particularly love a place that has daily drink specials – as is the case with Moxie’s. Moxie’s has a variety of drink specials throughout the week (even on weekends) and on Thursday nights is Shock Top for $4.99 and 2oz martinis for $6.99.

I’m sure once the summer comes around, I’ll feature Shock Top, I love that patio beer, but for now, it’s a white beer similar to a Ricards White. Their site doesn’t include a list of their martinis but if my memory serves me correctly, they have a variety of martinis including the classic and others that are sweeter cocktail. Although wine is on special on Tuesdays, with beer and cocktails on special, you can likely please everyone. So, if you’re looking for a place to celebrate Canada’s triumphant win this afternoon, try the drink specials at Moxie’s.

Happy Thursday and Go Canada Go!

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