It’s award season so the ‘best’ movies are at the top of everyone’s mind. I admit, I’m not a huge movie person, television is much better for my attention span and even then, I’m often multitasking. Among my friends, its always been a big joke that I haven’t seen the most classic movies that everyone has seen. If you name a movie you think everyone in the world has seen, I’m probably the one person that hasn’t. I find for myself that if I don’t see a movie in theatre, I’ll probably never watch it. I did get Netflix, which you think would make it much easier, but it hasn’t really. I find it hard to make the two hour commitment.

However, there’s a lot of movies I really want to see. There seems to be some great movies up for Oscars this year, and I’d really like to see a few of them before the Oscars happen. So I’ve decided to make a list, so far, its just movies that are nominated and I’ll be able to see in the next few weeks but I’d also love to hear about other movies that I must-see. I’ll keep adding to the list and slowly start crossing things off. Also, lately I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries so if you have any of those I should see, please let me know in the comments!my movie list

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  1. American Hustle was fantastic!! The cast meshed so well, and the clothes… amazing! The Wolf of Wall Street was good, but it was over 3 hours long. I was getting a bit antsy two hours in! Havent seen the other movies listed, but I want to!

  2. I am the EXACT same way!! I’m not big on the oscars because I’ve rarely ever seen the movies that are nominated. If I don’t watch a movie in theaters, I’ll never find the time to watch it. If I DO try to watch a movie (even one I really want to see), if I’m paying full attention… I will fall asleep. I can only watch it fully if I’m multitasking. My boyfriends best friend used to joke that he had NEVER seen a full movie with me, because I always fell asleep. Sometimes if I’m tired but can’t sleep, I put a movie on because I know it will make me fall asleep a lot quicker.

    So, you’re not alone on not seeing the classic movies! Though I do really want to see ‘Her’ as well, because I love me some Joaquin Pheonix.

    As for school, I’m taking graphic design. When I was on co-op working for 8 months, I LOVED it- and I LOVE the work I get to do *when I’m not in school*, like my freelance or own personal projects. I just hate the way my school does the courses, the way some of my teachers teach, and 90% of the students in my class. Seriously, this is GRAPHIC DESIGN and someone last year had to ask how to use the fill bucket took in photoshop. I’ve considered going back to a different school for other (shorter) programs.. and even found a course I really want to take this past week but, I’m not sure what will happen. Though, they are courses that just add to graphic design, such as web design so it would help me.

  3. Oh sweet Jesus, I’m so excited for the Oscars it’s ridiculous.

    I’m a huge TV/film buff (Although, I’m with you on watching the classics. Took me FOREVER to watch Titanic. When I finally did I was like Leo <3) and I'm working my way through the nominated films. I've watched American Hustle, Wolf of Wall Street and Her and I loved them all. Wolf may be long but it's totally worth a watch. People are criticising the film but hey, what's Martin Scorsese without a bit of controversy? Also, Leo. Again <3

    American Hustle was brilliant. Best. Cast. Ever. The soundtrack is absolutely perfect as well. Jennifer Lawrence is so talented for such a young person!

    Her is such a beautiful movie and it made me laugh, cry and cringe. It really makes you think about what the future could be like, and the thing is technology in Her probably isn't that far off from being made in real life.

    I'm going to watch Dallas Buyers Club next because I heard Matthew McConaughey is really good in that. You should add 12 Years A Slave, if you haven't already watched it.

    What TV shows do you watch, btw?

    • I’ll add that as well.

      I watch a lot of really bad television, I love trashy reality but things that are on TLC not Kardashian or Bachelor type shows. Having netflix has helped me start watching series, I just finished breaking bad which I loved, I think next will be Suits, I’ve heard good things.

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