So I just got back from seeing one of the longest movies I’ve watched in a while. I can also cross a movie off my list!

I really enjoyed the film despite the length. I’ve heard people say that it doesn’t feel like 3 hours, but I wouldn’t go that far. Sometimes I see a film that I think is too long and I think of scenes that I would cut out but I think I enjoyed all of the scenes so it would be hard to cut any of them out. People also talked about the amount of swearing, I didn’t think it was ‘too’ much. It actually seemed very realistic for the theme of the movie. I expect that people who work on wall street actually talk like that. The movie is related 18A in Canada and there isn’t a lot of violence in it but there is a lot of swearing, drugs and sex.

I was surprised at how funny I found the movie. I know that it was considered a comedy during the ¬†golden globes but it still surprised me. I along with the majority of the people in the theatre were laughing out loud. I thought the writing was really great and the performances were well done. I haven’t seen the other nominated movies but will be surprised if it wins a lot of oscars, but that’s really just based on my perception of the other films.

Have you seen the wolf of wall street? What did you think?

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  1. My husband and I saw it last weekend, and I really liked it! I reeeeeaaaaalllly want Leo to win the Oscar, I think he was great. I think the movie was such a raw depiction of that lifestyle and era. Reminded me of Boiler Room (it’s a pretty old flick, Ben Affleck, Giovonni Ribisi, Vin Diesel) but with lots of sex and drugs. I’ll admit I was getting pretty ansty towards the end, but loooong movies like that is typical Scorcesse.

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